"Neurotherapy saved my husband's life."

 From the spouse: Neuro stimulation, neuro feedback and counseling with Emily was a last resort on a very long journey for my husband who had tried every option and opportunity he could find. With skepticism and a whole lot of hope, we took the plunge and called Emily and there’s been no looking back. Emily's knowledge, optimism and skill set within the neuro field has saved my husband's life. She provided the resources to help my husband’s brain to heal and a tool kit to succeed in the best way he can going forward.

Neuro stimulation has provided increased awareness, cognitive function and mental stability which is the necessary groundwork for my husband to continue on his journey to heal from his blast injuries back in 2012. It has re-instilled hope in his soul. The counseling Emily does in addition to neuro stimulation has changed my husband's life. Neuro stimulation and neuro feedback take commitment but with continued support, the process works. Good things are happening. Instead of numbing him and shutting him down with pharmaceuticals, it has helped my husband learn to feel again, address what he is feeling and appropriately navigate tough subjects, feelings and some deficiencies that will never go away.

The environment she has created is a safe zone for these guys to let their guard down and be able to focus on healing and open their mind to the concept that they are capable of cognitive and emotional healing.  We are so incredibly thankful for the financial aid which helped ease financial pressures and worry due to out-of-pocket expenses and allowed him to focus on healing.

From the veteran: I was a Navy EOD officer for 7 years with a 10-month deployment to Afghanistan with a SEAL team. A year after I returned, I was found unfit for duty due to being diagnosed with TBI and PTSD, among a list of other things. I pursued every option that was offered to me in the hopes of getting better. Life got mildly better after my fall from normalcy but in the past year or two, things progressively worsened. My Neuro doctor and my Psych doctors just prescribed more medications to deal with my issues and symptoms. While I continued to find new bottoms in my life at a progressively faster pace, my wife happened to get recommended to Emily and the neuro therapy she provides. This was the start of a new hopeful path in my life that I hadn’t seen, felt or realized since before my deployment. This is actually the first document I have been able to write on my own since sometime during my deployment.

Neuro therapy is the only thing that has provided sizable improvements that have truly been life-changing. It is the only time I was told that the therapy would work on repairing what was wrong and not simply cover up the symptoms.  Prior to treatment, I couldn’t stay on any thought or idea long enough to form any kind of workable product. Now thoughts and ideas stay and I can stay on track to be more present in day-to-day life and make plans for the future. It has given me a positive outlook and completely changed my life for the better.